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Available in ebook, paperback and now as an audiobook series narrated by Geoffrey Boyes
Sundown Apocalypse - post-apocalypse series
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Sundown Apocalypse 1

The end of days is at hand. Terrorist organizations have taken out all superpowers, cleansing the planet of the 'disease of civilization'.

In this radically changed world, small bands of survivors face an overwhelming enemy and fight back the only way they can: with sudden and savage violence. One of them - a man only known as Sundown - struggles with his inner demons while trying to keep his group alive.

Together with an ex-IRA commander and a retired CIA agent, they lead a determined band of survivors to defeat their enemy. But can they survive the harsh, unforgiving Australian desert?


High praise for Leo Nix's Sundown Apocalypse:

★★★★★ - "The characters are well developed, the action is intense. Looking forward to reading more from this author."

★★★★★ - "An exceptional apocalyptic novel, set in one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world. A fantastic read."

5.0 out of 5 stars -  An Oft Told Story Told in a Positively New Way

"The story was fast paced, easy to follow and did not require one to suspend disbelief to really get into it. The characters and their dialogue are complex, realistic and believable. Book 1 ended in a good spot since the storyline of this novel was resolved. Potential for follow-on books was presented and interest in future chapters of Sundown's story was laid down. All-in-all, Sundown Apocalypse was a great read and I heartily suggest you pick it up."

5.0 out of 5 stars - JUST AWESOME

"Wasn't sure what to expect from this book as this was my first by this author. Very captivating and hard to put down when bedtime rolls around! Definitely worth the money and be ready to have a new favorite author."


Sundown Apocalypse: Urban Guerrilla - book 2

Sundown sends the silent kangaroo shooter, Roo, to explore the possibility of resettling their community in the safety of the Flinders Ranges.

But when they arrive, they encounter a foe even more dangerous than the Revelationist terrorists. Meanwhile in Adelaide, the 'house rats' have found the only way to survive: forage by night and hide by day.

Sergeant Nulla and his band of survivors accidentally set up camp right under the noses of the terrorists. But it is the conflict between the Alice Springs Command, Third Australian Army and Sundown's Commando that sets the path towards either disaster or survival in the harsh Australian outback.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Leo Nix Does It Again!

"After reading the first novel I couldn't see how the next could match it but Urban Guerrilla did more. Characters are fleshed out, new characters developed, and all are coming slowly closer, bringing more love, hate, and the desire for revenge. Every single piece of dialogue is natural and real enough you can hear accents. So many good people doing their best for each other, an outback that you can see, feel and hear, combined with loads of action and firefights will keep you reading until your eyes won't stay open another minute. Leo Nix has the touch, the ability to create masterpieces of the Australian Outback with eccentric characters that will make you laugh, and cry. There is not a dragging moment or a misstep in the rhythm of the story. And the finish? Awesome!"


Sundown Apocalypse: Homeland Defense - book 3

In post-apocalyptic Australian desert, a small band of survivors wages a desperate battle against ruthless Revelationist terrorists.

The city survivors set out to join Sundown's Commando on the edge of the Simpson Desert, but Sergeant Nulla and his motley group soon find out that the trek to sanctuary is not as safe as they'd hoped.

Forced to defend their friends against a brutal assault and confronted with certain death, they react with ferocious brutality of their own.

In the unforgiving Australian deserts and the fractured city of Adelaide, Sundown and his commando seek to survive any way they can.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Consistently Good

"No argument as far as I'm concerned, Leo Nix has a real winner with this series. 'Homeland Defense' continues the story of the three groups of survivors from the overthrow of the Australian government by what he characterizes as neo-Nazi religious fanatics. In this book, these survivors now all in the far reaches of the Australian outback come together and begin the process of laying the foundation for an organized resistance. Nix continues to develop his characters while adding new faces into the mix. Great writing, realistic action (people are loss, mistakes are made); but the overall focus remains positive. This was a good book and advanced the story considerably. Again, highly recommend the series, one of the better ones out there."


Sundown Apocalypse: Desert Strike - book 4 

After winning the command of the Alice Springs military force, Sundown's commando is in a position to pose a real threat to the Revelationist terrorists.

What was supposed to be a holiday patrol to the hot springs on the Diamantina plains turns into a nightmare for the commando, and only heroic sacrifices can save them. A startling development with the secret Pine Gap facility may prove to be a boon or a curse for their group, and for Sundown himself.

Desert Strike is the fourth novel in Leo Nix's Sundown Apocalypse series: hard-fitting, fast-paced adventure in the harsh Australian Outback. 

5.0 out of 5 stars - Stalemate and Successes

June 29, 2019

"Another very good book by Leo Nix. This book delves deeper into the characters and their psyches then the previous books did. Nix takes the time to take a close look at many of the characters, starting with Sundown himself and the conflicting emotions Sundown faces in his choices to lead and support his Commando. It is nice to see the author taking the time to fully flesh out his characters, as this series is as much about the people as it is the circumstances they find themselves in. So again, another solid book. This is a very enjoyable series and feel fortunate to have stumbled across it."


Sundown Apocalypse: Special Ops - book 5 

While on holiday in beautiful Western Australia, U.S. Ranger and Staff Sergeant Ben ‘Obi-Wan’ Kennedy leads his group of special ops through a series of dangerous adventures on their return to home base, Pine Gap Secret Intelligence Facility.

The dedicated and self-sacrificing team joins a team of Western Australian Police who have arrested two Revelationist spies, but the terrorists want them back – dead or alive.

Their escape takes them on a journey to assist a small country township infiltrated by terrorists – but in rescuing the community, they suffer heavy casualties.

The fifth novel in Leo Nix's Sundown Apocalypse series, Special Ops is a story of betrayal, subterfuge, friendship and love, set against a backdrop of survival in the rugged Australian desert

5.0 out of 5 stars - Great Aussie Outback!

January 30, 2018

"I just now finished no.5 in the Sundown Apocalypse series. WOW!! I wasn’t really sure how I would feel looking at things from a slightly different point of view from the last four novels. But it was entirely engrossing and I got so darn involved that I’m now exhausted from all the action. And I cried, so many good people lost to the Revelationist greed. Now see there I go. It’s all fiction and I know that but the characters are so real, it’s easy to sink into this world. I loved this story and ended up reading it twice. Leo Nix, you sir, are a genius and I can’t wait for more. That’s a hint."

5.0 out of 5 stars - A series I'll reread

"I have read all five of Leo's books, and enjoyed every one of them. If you want excitement and enjoyment, read this Author's books. I will be rereading than at a later time.!" LL

5.0 out of 5 stars - Backtracking a Bit

June 30, 2019

"If you made it this far you are probably a solid fan of Leo Nix. This book is a bit of a diversion as it jumps back nearly a year in time to the very first days of the takeover by the Crusaders. Pine Gap's special forces team is trapped on the coast, and this book details their return back to Pine Gap. All in all an excellent story, well told and nicely tied in to the rest of the series. Hopefully there will be more books, but for now all we can do is wait and see."

Book 6 is in process and will be published in 2020.

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Sundown Apocalypse – post-apocalypse series - how I came to write them

This novel came about after my mate Peter suggested I read the post-apocalyptic novel series by Devon C Ford, 'As It Happened'. His novels are set in the UK at the time of a mass viral outbreak killing 99% of the population. I enjoyed it so much I decided to write my own series.

Sundown Apocalypse is set in the deserts of outback Australia. If you have been to Australia and out into the desert country you'll immediately be blown away by the incredible colours. The red sand dunes are highlighted at sundown and sunup and that's why we call central Australia the Red Centre.

A few years ago Peter invited me to cross Australia's famous Simpson Desert by 4x4 in his Mitsubishi Pajero. It took 5 glorious days to cross over 1,100 sand dunes. Many a time we stopped to dig out one of the vehicles bogged to the axles in the sand.

Sundown Apocalypse is set on the edges of the Simpson Desert in the townships of Marree and Birdsville. The action revolves around a religious organisation, the Revelationist Church, who worship the end of the world - the Apocalypse of the book of Revelations. After a massive recruitment drive they poison the world's drinking water and spread a virus much like the SARS virus.

To the story itself: a middle aged couple, Sundown and his new wife Pinkie, have spent a month in the desert for their honeymoon. When they arrive at Birdsville hotel they find the place in an uproar. The terrorists have finally come good on their promise to cleanse the earth of the 'disease of civilisation'. In the process they have turned their well trained army against humanity.

Sundown and Pinkie meet up with Shamus an aged IRA operative and Pedro, ex Vietnam war veteran. They collect a small band of survivors but are forced to fight for survival against these armed and ruthless terrorists. The novel follows Sundown as he leads his group successfully in three heavy firefights to protect their growing community. In the process he has to face his own demons.

The novel then introduces two other survivor groups in the city of Adelaide. Here the terrorists enjoy hunting down and torturing the 'house rats'. One group of survivors, brought together by an injured Charlene, are forced to forage by night and hide by day.

The other group is led by Sargent Nulla, cavalryman and ex-gang member ordered to set up a civil resistance against the terrorists. He takes two teenage boys under his wings and teaches them to kill. He finds love but it has its own problems never knowing when they will be discovered by the terrorists.

I originally wrote the three stories separately but decided to turn them into the first two books and then bring them together in the third. Books four and five describe how the groups come together to organise a resistance using what remains of the Australian army. Sundown has a plan and if he has to kill his own kind he will if it means the survival of humanity.

I am blown away that Sundown Apocalypse, my first fiction series, has been so well received.

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